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11.7cm waist? :eek:

what are those bindings they offer? The toe and heel piece looks like F2, but the base/cant? Phiokka?


The Intec model definitely look like Phiokka base, F2 toe and heel blocks, home grown centerdisk and a homegrown cant/lift wedge that looks like a cross between a TD-1 wedge and a Burton wedge. (Phiokka puts blocks/wedges under the toe and heelblocks instead of under the baseplate for lift/cant, at least on the model I have). The standard bail model looks like Phiokka base, Phiokka toe and heel blocks, home grown centerdisk, homegrown cant/lift wedge and an F2 toe clip. Why would you do this, unless you have a box of mismatched binding parts, no money and feel like tinkering? It seems you make the binding less than the some of its parts.

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skwal :eplus2::eplus2: I so need winter so I can go ride mine :eplus2:

somebody needed a narrower base plate than a standard base...

I figured skwal for the board and what you're saying about the bindings makes perfect sense now. The Phiokka base plate, even at 11 cm wide is almost as wide as the board so they lift it and are combining/modifying readily available hardware to meet the needs of an unusual application. Thanks for clarifying.

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