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July 15 2007- Sunday


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not sure what we'll do but I'm thinking some gentle skating and maybe lunch.

come at noon because that's when Tonja and Gleb are.

directions:FROM BOSTON: Take the Mass. Turnpike to Exit 8 (Palmer). At the end of the Exit Ramp turn left onto Route 32 North and proceed for 8 miles. In Ware turn left at the green sign "Route 9 West" (just past McDonalds). Go 2/10ths of a mile to a stop sign. Turn left onto Route 9 and proceed west for 7 miles. Turn right at the green sign marked "Quabbin Reservoir - Winsor Dam" (Note: This will be the second green sign on your right. The first sign, located at the 5.3 mile mark, provides access to the main Quabbin Park area, including the Enfield Lookout and Quabbin Observation Tower). Turn right at this entrance and proceed 1/2 mile to DCR Quabbin Administration Building, the large brick building on the right.

it's a nice area to hike around and there is a killer river there if anyone wants to fish.

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I had a kick ass time! Now I'm more psyced to get my Loaded Dervish than anyone can imagine! I tried bob's Vangard and took a spill at like 10 miles an hour. Cleanin off the poor excuse for road rash right now. I'll have my board in 2-3 weeks so lets hit the slope at framingham soon.

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I was chasing the wind yesterday, got some good sea rash from slamming the water so many times :p
Awesome photos, looks like you guys had a great time. Did you actually jump OVER the boat?

Maybe one day I'll be able to hang out with you guys on the water...fingers crossed.....

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Wachusett Mountain area (exact location to be determined)

Bob, myself and Gleb skateboarding all on our Loaded's because we are THAT cool. :biggthump .. that is until you see me in practice at least and if Bob can move his blue ass and Gleb doesn't wipe out on the pavement... :freak3:

Let me know if you are interested and I can give you my cell number.

Time also to be determined.. probably 1ish2ish

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will you stop posting that stuff :nono: :lol: :nono:

Great tenderized booty there Bob! Looks like an euro-carve injury.

In fact, that shot might make a great topsheet for a wide EC stick!

I certainly hope skipuppy will posting her "ass"phalt injuries, should they occur....

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