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I've been skating their OG Pig 12 inch and Jay Smith 2 decks since April and I love'em both. The Pig has Tracker Darts (widest) and Poolside Favors (63mm) and the JS2 is hung with Indy 215's and Powell BowlBombers SPF's.

Now, Skaterbuilt has re-issued both of these decks and I just picked up a couple of them. If you ride parks or pools in the off season, these are sweet rides. You need to get on this now.

The Poolside favors are fast. There is a 'break-in' period for them. Mine took about 6-7 runs before they settled in and went into 'Ludicrous Speed'. Keep in mind that at 48 years old I'm not a threat to anyone at the concrete babysitter. I just carve and cruise around and sweat to the oldies with my mp3 player. The BB's have no breakin period. Fast and strong outta the gate.

The wide Tracker Darts are okay. I've got some Khiro bushings ordered to settle them down a bit so that double axle grinds are smoother and finish nice. The stock bushings are good until broken in and then they seem to fade and get real mushy.

In over 30-plus years of skating I've never come across ANY commercially made wheel wells that are actually worth anything. I always end up buying risers to compensate for some dum-dum with a router. In the '70's and '80's Sims Skateboards did okay with W/W placement. In modern times, Skaterbuilt comes the closest. My rear wheels still hit just a bit south of dead center of the W/W on the OG Pig.

The funnest new ride has been a Rebel Skates Big Gun that I had hooked up for street carving and made it into a park longboard. I picked it up from Mile High Skates for a song this spring. Longboards in the park are a lost art and I'm glad to show the rats where their roots come from from time to time.

I'll post some pics this weekend.


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G: Funny you should mention ****fires. Those are next on my list to try before summer ends. Keep in mind that for parks I stick to hard and fast 63mm to 66mm centerset, radiused wheels. That narrows my choices down a bit.

For carving hills and driveways it's a whole different wheel choice and selection.

I'm just excited to share my stoke of riding SB's products. I read enough Juice and Concrete Wave mags and NCDSA.com posts to know what is ripping out there. And ****fires have good reviews going for them including yours.

I can't wait to post pics of the new JS2. I'm also ordering the pig again.


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