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168 online?


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Maybe there are lots of guests to the forum poised to try hardboot carving. I'm confident I'm not alone in recommending BOL to anyone who asks about hardboot gear and technique.

Other reasons for high-viewer counts are bots and still-logged in members. There is another discussion on the same topic and explanation of seemingly high VBulletin numbers over on EpicSki.

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you can go here to see who is online and what they are viewing.

people stay logged in for 15 minutes from their last activity.

I think more guests show up when users don't allow cookies to be set, so a new "guest" session is started for every click if cookies aren't allowed. I haven't proven this out, just a guess.

when you view the above link you can see there are a lot of bots viewing profiles. there are also a lot of folks who try to reply to threads that aren't members or aren't logged in.

the guest number though is inflated.


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