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Kracked Skull


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Anyone have one of these? Anyone have one and also a Loaded Vangaurd? How about also a Landyachtz Drop?

My budget is tight, so I'm not sure I can afford anything but the Kracked Skull. But can anyone do a comparison/review?

I haven't been on a skateboard since 90, and then it was for riding 1/2pipe and going to class in college.

My son just got a Razor scooter and I thought it would be fun with him and to run some short errands and generally tool around. Probably nothing serious, so the Kracked Skull board is probably enough.


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JN, I have had one for approx. 4 months now and I love it. I use it for carving down hills in my area. It doesn't have the flex that Loaded boards have but for my usage it works fine.

The guy really ships the stuff out quick, I received mine one day from when I ordered it.

I ordered just the deck as I had Randalls and wheels to put on it already. Have fun on it, tell me what you think.

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Guest jeffrey1knee

Surely you've ridden by now, right?? We NEED your review! How did you find out about the Scimatar and what is it all about? How is it different from the other model on the site?

btw, xxg is right, you can't beat that price. I'm not even sure how this guy is making any $... it seems like the complete, @ just over a $105., is barely enough to cover the RII's, wheels, bearings, hardware.

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The board is great! I'm not real light, 185lbs. and I found it pretty flexy, but not overly so. The board doesn't bottom out on me. It's an easy ride and plenty fast. It's stable down the small hills I've ridden, though it will develop speed wobble with tensing up. Relaxed, and no trouble at all. I tried some inclination style carves down the hill, that was great! It turns tighter than my snowboard though, so it took a little getting used to. I've also made a couple of grocery store runs.

All in all, I'm real pleased with the board. The scimitar was a little more expensive. Around $150. But I like the drop through style quite a bit. Makes for easier pushing around.

Good stuff, I'd recommend it.

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Ok I wanted to find a board to run some 180 seismic trucks. Bill has made these before and like others he shipped very quickly.

too bad the board was way soft, and suffered a catastrophic faliure just flexing in a parking lot (no tricks).

I will make an update with how Bill handels it, but it not in the same leauge as a dervish by a long shot as far as how I like the flex.

OK update, Bill immediatly said his bad and that more glass can be added to stiffen things up. I like the way bill is running his busness.

Ok update on the update. Bill really wants to do the right thing and is willing to build a "special" stiffer board to mae it right. he is really trying hard to handel this well.

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