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FYI Burton Mt Hood Demo Center is Open!!

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For those traveling through the Portland area and looking for a fun day on the Hood (plus the likelyhood of free promo goodies) might check out the Burton Demo Center in Govy. Plus you can fly in without gear and use theirs. (If you are into softies.) Old news, reminder.

The Burton Demo Center at Mt. Hood opened its doors on June 15th, 2007 offering free 08 product demos through the middle of August. Stop in to try boards, boots, and bindings from the 08 line before the product hits your local shop this fall. Checkout the new EST boards and bindings, Smooth Ride Technology on the T6, and a host of other products from the 08 Burton line.

The demo center is open seven days a week from 2pm to 8pm. Please contact (503) 272-3181 for more details.

Must be 18 or older with a credit card and valid driver's license to demo product. Under 18? Be sure to bring a parent or guardian to sign the necessary releases.

For more info including pictures, check it out at burton.com.



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I'll be in Portland from July 15-18 for some job interviews and was thinking about checking this out, probably on the morning of the 16th, maybe on the 15th. Any ideas about what kind of clothing I'll be needing (how cold will it be, should I be dressing like a norman winter day or warm spring conditions, do I need my hydration pack)? I've never been to a glacier in the summer and have absolutely no idea about what I'll be needing to bring with me. Do you have any idea about if equipment is available all the time or will they possibly run out of stuff. Sorry about all the questions but any info you have would be super helpful. THANKS!

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This link:


gives you weather for about 600 feet above the top of the lift.

You will most likely need hydration and sunscreen. If the weather keeps up the way it's been, light but waterproof pants and a light but sturdy long sleeve shirt are all I would wear. Salted snow leaves a nasty rash if you biff and have exposed skin.

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Here are a couple links that might help you familiarize yourself with the area.




It will likely be warmer then typical winter conditions, however , shorts and t-shirts are more often than not regretted. Real snowboard gear is best.

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Thanks for the info! I wasn't even contemplating shorts and t-shirt, I don't even know if I could snowboard in something like that it would feel so wierd. I was just wondering if fleece would be required but it looks like from the weather report a very light jacket perhaps at the most.

Has anyone ever gone to Hood mid summer and is it worth it just for kicks? I just had twins this past winter and had only one day on the snow and thought it might be nice to sneak in a day when I'm in Portland.

Thanks again!

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Send me a phone number on PM and I will give you a quick run down on what to expect. Hard to say what the experience is worth to other riders. Off hand, sure, it is worth the price of a lift ticket and a few hours time to hang with world class riders/skiers on the side of Oregon's highest mountain at a historical site placing turns in July, if for no other reason that it makes for "Clever Conversation" when you get back home!! If I was traveling to Portland and had never done it before. It would be high on my list. Make it a "Day Loop" and see Hood River, the Gorge and Waterfalls on the return trip.




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