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I'm back! (almost)


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Well, after about 4 years in transit, it looks like I'm making my way back to OR (Eugene).

Seems like Willamette Pass is, err, smallish. I may be a frequenter of Bachelor if I can get my ducks in a row.

From the locals, what are the best pass (season or otherwise) deals? What is this "Summit Season Pass"? Seems cheap, but that always makes me wonder.

Tataa SLC, hello Eugene (bastion of winter pleasure).... :D

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Welcome back E, have you left SLC yet?

Got a pick up? :biggthump

Season pass at Bachelor ain't cheap, however , it is probably the best bet from Eugene? Several other BOL members reside there.

Mt Hood has a couple options, however, it doesn't sound like you are coming this far North? 400$ season pass at MHM or Fusion pass at T-Line and Ski Bowl.

Mt Bachelor was over 800$ last check.

Welcome back to OR-E-GONE

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Yar, looking to minimize on the road time, but its hard to argue a $400 pass (pricewars have their upsides I guess).

Shoot me som details on how I can help. I don't want to make any promises if your talking big loads, but let me know. If its just a couple, i can pack em with mine.

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Mr.E., I'd recommend a Bachelor if possible and the Mt Hood Fusion pass as your alternative.

You could go Willamette or Hoodoo, but their season are significantly shorter, as they are lower-elevation ski areas. Their seasons tend to be a little shorter than Ski Bowl.

If you will be riding on weekends mid-season Bachelor has been much less of a zoo than Meadows the past couple of seasons. Meadows opening at 9 instead of 8 now makes it even more of a zoo.

If it's a low snow year you'll want access to either Timberline or Bachelor. Higher elevation is good. You weren't in Oregon for the 04/05 season... TLine and Bachelor were the only places that stayed open all season. Not much off-piste at Bachelor that year but you could carve all season. Meadows was closed much of the season. I didn't go to Timberline that year as I had a Meadows pass - but we s[ent as much time at Bacehlro that year as we did Meadows.

Bachelor season passes are cheapest in September. Last year they had a "non-holiday" pass for about $200 less then the full season pass... blackout dates were Dec 17 - Jan 2 or something to that effect plus Prez Day weekend.

And besides, if you get your pass anywhere but Bachelor, you'll need to buy lift tix for OES :eek:

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Welcome Mr E! The move from SLC area to Eugene will be quite a change in so many ways. Let us know if you need any Eugene beta, though it sounds like you have been here before.

Are you planning to teach at a resort in the winter?

Mike and Bryan have pretty much covered the mountain options in their posts. Willamette (1:20 drive) and Hoodoo (1:40 drive) can be fun little hills, but are small and low elevation (it rains). The drive to Hood (about 2:30 drive) is actually a little shorter, but most of us here ride at Bachelor, which is about 3 hours from Eugene. When you get here, if you want, we can get you more detailed info on the riding options. You can contact us through BOL.

Safe travels, Buell

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Thanks guys-

I lived in Portland for a number of years (ORCarve) and have a decent handle on the Hood resorts, but never really made it to Hoodoo or W.P., though I have been to Bachelor a handful of times. My wife received a job offer at UofO, and the move will bring us closer to her family.

W.P. is cheap enough I may do that, and try to figure out a punch or limited season pass at Bachelor. I thought Hood took longer to get to? Maybe I'm wrong. I'll keep asking Q's as it gets closer to the season.

Still not sure what my current plans are for the winter but I am interested in getting a teaching gig if it works out commute wise. Working on a knee injury, that may be my deciding factor all said and done.

Thanks again guys, and I'll give a shout when I get into town.

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Mr. E,

Check the open days for Willamette Pass this season. They have only been open Thur - Sun for the last few years. I have not carved at either WP or Hoodoo, but from my softboot season, I would say Willlamette is the best for carving and Hoodoo is the best for free riding and powder days. The grooming can definitely leave you a little frustrated at either place.


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