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Dave Winters

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Hi, all-

Don't know if you have heard yet, but we had a small fire at the house here Sunday. Nobody was hurt, thankfully, but it certainly made for some anxious moments.

The gory details for anyone who cares:

I'm in the basement shop, working on the bandsaw sawing up some wood, and my eyes start burning. I'm thinking,"Man, I got too much sun this weekend." The burning gets worse and suddenly I smell smoke! I look at the dust collector and there are a couple small holes in it and they're spewing smoke and sparks. I walk around to the back of it and there's a huge hole with flame and smoke howling out of it. So I run for the fire extinguisher and empty it out on it, then realize, "You idiot, turn off the dust collector!!!"

Call 911 and run upstairs, screaming bloody murder to get the kids out.

Run back in with the garden hose, but now the smoke is way too bad, just billowing out of there.

The F.D. gets there pretty quickly and does their thing, very calm and professional.

Anyway, that's our big news. Never a dull moment....

How's it with you?

All the best-


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Wow Dave,

I am glad that it didn't turn out to be much worse. Your quick thinking probably saved the day. Was there any smoke damage to any other part of the house?

Hopefully the Rossi 135 you adopted from me wasn't turned into a pile of burned wood, plastic goo and steel.

Glad your family is safe buddy,

Charles in Denver

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Sawdust is kinda flaky like that. Kinda the same thing goin on with silos exploding. Except with all the air flowin through there it caught for a different reason. It's still alot of surface area there though. Glad everything ok.

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