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Hardbooting Gorillas


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just checked the internetz and found them for around $100. some were up to about $140. ebay seems best place though.. found one for $75.


at the very least it is necessary to go out on January 31:


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Gorilla day @ ECES?

there's a concept...count me in

Ok Tex thank you for sponsoring the Gorilla day at the ECES. Everyone if you are attending the ECES-08 please give Tex your suit size and he will take care of the rest..... :D :lol:

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i wore one for halloween a few years ago. they are hotter than hell and can be very hard to see out of. as if hardbooting doesn't attract enough attn, you will be THE freak- w/o question - on the mountain that day. have fun!

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Let's see, I've boarded/skied as a court jester, Elwood Blues, Mr. Six (from the Six Flags commercials) and in just a pair of gym shorts. You might have seen this photo posted earlier. The only shot of my Mr. Six outfit is on one of my unicycles at the Manchester Road Race in Connecticut last Thanksgiving.

A gorilla suit sounds like a lot of fun.



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