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Pics of First Build


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Let me know what you think. Kinda hard to stay away from some of the shapes out there, but the next few hope to be a bit more funky.

Mahogany center with Poplar outside. Topside is a bit dirty, after coating with poly for about 7 days, I got sick of looking at it in the garage and took it out yesterday evening when it wasnt fully cured. gotta sand it down any way.

It rode well, but I have nothing to compare it to. Hips, butt and thighs are a bit tight this morning. good to be on a board though :biggthump

On to the next build.





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Didnt use vac bag, started with center piece first, simply put some boards under the nose and tail to make the camber and clamped the heck out of it. Planed the sides flat and then epoxied the poplar sides with clamps and reinforced with screws. Not the best way, but its working.

I do have my snowboard press, but I need to finalized my bladder to get the PSI I want. For now I will just clamp. The challenge on the second one is getting the wheels wells molded in. I'm not using foam, just cutting custom pieces of wood to create wells and camber.

I weigh 200lb and it doesnt flex one bit under me. I like it that way becuase I seem to get quicker response from trucks.

Width is just under 10"

JBS, let me know when you want to get together.

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