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experimental snowboard/longboard

Dr D

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I just finished the rough prototype:biggthump

I took one of john mcginnis's Garage snowboard seconds.

It was a cosmetic blem board that couldn't be sold, It started as a 158 cm board and I cut it down to around 39 inches in a nice cruiser carver longboard shape and added mission m1 gullwings to it.

Its a sweet flexy ride, perhaps a little to flexy for my oversized butt, but its perfect for my son. pics to follow

I haven't located a router to finish the edges yet.

I also cut a pintail out of my old Burton STAT 6 unfinished :biggthump

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Thats awesome! I have dreamed of doing this as well but was worried it would be too flexy. I think they look great and the cool factor is there. Most of the longboards out there don't really have any visual appeal to me except the Lush longboards and some of the expensive slalom decks, so this idea definetly borrows some appeal from snowboarding making them more desirable. Good Job!


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there are issues involved. Cutting the metal edges and cleaning the ends up is a pain. I did it with a grinder and then cut the board with a band saw. I guess you could use a narrower shape and cut the edges off completely. IT is flexy but I can ride it at 275 if I keep my feet out closer to the trucks. It is perfect for my kid. I looked at several sector 9 boards yesterday that had nearly identical flex. I haven't mounted the burton with trucks yet but its much stiffer. I think old alpine boards are the set up to use if you want a stiffer ride. Lots of options on flex by what part of the board you use to. ALpine tails are stiffer than the noses etc. at least on the stat 6. inserts make for a great sky hook mount to:biggthump

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