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Guest HarleySwingwood

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Guest HarleySwingwood

Hey guys,

Just popping my head and saying hi. I started snowboarding this last season and I'm hooked forever. Another person steered me here because I need to meet people who snowboard like me because I spent most of my time last season riding alone.

From the posts, I get the idea that everybody seems to be an alpine type rider or am I off on that? I rode a Burton Custom X most of last season and just sold that and picked up a Vapor. I don't ride in the freestyle park, I like riding the whole mountain.

Anyways, just want to meet some folks who snowboard and get some riding buddies. :1luvu:

Soooo, I'm 33 years old, my name is Jon I like snow and long walks on the beach :)

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Welcome to Bomber!

Yes, it is an Alpine Snowboard forum/site.

Check out the welcome , new members areas for the basics, read the faqs and do a few searches before asking the obvious.

There are a number of member in the Portland/ Salem/ Bend area.

So, check out alpine and see if that is something you are interested in.

If you plan to go to Mt Hood Meadows, do you know about the "4 for 4" deal?

Or the Timberline / Fusion pass?

Group of alpine riders are going to Timberline this weekend. Good to time to meet some members perhaps?


Mt Hood Locals links. Weather, etc.



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Guest HarleySwingwood

Yes, I know about the 4x4 and the fusion pass deals. I'm not exactly sure which one to choose. I've riden at Ski Bowl and I really like Timberline but I haven't yet ridden at Meadows.

I'll definitely need to hook up with some folks so I can get in on those deals. Right now, none of my current friends or co workers ride :(

I did see the thread that a group is going to Timberline this weekend. I want to go so badly actually :) but I have a ton of lumber coming this saturday morning because I'm planning on putting up a fence at my house. My wife would kill me double if I took off for the day this weekend.

Anyway, I suppose I should add in that I'm from Salem, I actually live in Turner but might as well be Salem.

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