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Buying bindings


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Hello all!

It eint even summer here and I'm already planing for the next season. I have good equipment, the only thing missing are the bindings. I have a Goltes ProRace 180 board and Deeluxe t325 boots. I also have intec heels installed on my boots, so the bindings will be intec. I've decided, that I'm going to buy F2's but I dont know, if I should go with titanflex or intec titanium... What do you think? Now, I've got the feeling, that people here would mostly go for intec titanium, and the people on extremecarving.com would go for titanflex, but firsthand info would be greatly appreciated... I the difference really that big? Do the adjustable front bail on the intec titanium fail often? ... pros, cons...

thanks for the help!


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I have a love/hate relationship with the fixed versus loose front bail system. I ride both set-ups and the pro for the fixed system is that it never needs to be lifted and it has a solid feel. The con of the fixed system is that it is a tad bit more finicky to set the binding up for ease of stepping into. The opposite is true of the floating front system. I weight 200 pounds and while I can feel the difference in flex, I do not find it materially different - my two cents

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