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donek fc1 171


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For sale: Donek FC1 171

original owner

Red top sheet

03/04 model

ridden about 30 days over three seasons

camber is like new

top sheet has a few nicks

board is good condition, base is perfect, waxed after each use.

too many boards, must sell.


email me for pictures at guerini@comcast.net

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I sent you an email asking for pictures, but I forgot to add could you include close-ups of the knicks on the topsheet and any scratches on the base? Is the red "metallic" red, or "solid" red (this isn't that important, just wondering).

Also, does it have the olympic construction upgrade?

Does price include shipping?


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I don't think they had different ratings for stiffness on that year model. I know that the olympic upgrade is now an option. Olympic upgrade had not been developed yet when I purchased the board.

Send me your personal email if interested. I byend to get pictures out to eveyone who has inquired this week. Thanks JG

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what is the flex rating of the 03/04 model?

I *think* that the FCs (or maybe just the FC1s?) from before 05/06 were stiffer than the ones from 05/06 and later. I'm getting this from riding the boards - IIRC the stiffness index was the same on both.

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