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Prototype done......got bloodied


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After a few beers last Thursday night, I decided to make my first longdeck. I will post pics when I get a chance. A bit too skinny at only 7" wide, but that is all the wider the plys I got from my cousin. 42" long made of 5 plys of 1/8" mahogany with two layers of carbon fiber. Used wood glue and put about 1.5" of camber. Stiff as hell, no flex whatsoever, but I like it. Still need to do some extra work on it, but I'm tickled for how well it worked being made for the heck of it.

Took it to the local school lot with the boy tonight and it rode very well for my first skate build. We took several runs, only about 50 yards of open sloped lot, but could get some nice arced turns in. Mind you, this was my first time on a skateboard in 18 years.

Doing big bottom turns at end of lot to head back up hill and going to slow on thelast run, hung up on a small rock and got whipped to the pavement elbow first, walla blood, no pads.

I will gear up for the bigger hills around here, but it was actually fun to get bloodied for the first time in 20 years.

It's great to be back.

Now I gotta talk my wife into letting me by the material I need to build the next few.


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CAnt find any 1/8" BB, but poplar 1/8" for $25 sheet (4'x8' sheet).

Poplar will be soft but since you are already playing with CF and glass not really a problem. Find a cabinet making shop and ask them for their BB source

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BB seems bit too soft compared to my first build, which was mahogany and CF. I like that it was stiff. When using BB how many layers are you doing. I can get 7 layers per sheet of BB. Got it for $11.97 by the way, thanks for the insight.

I will add some CF to these next few and once complete I will post.


PS what type of urethane do ppl use to finsih them

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no, sorry.. by rattlecan i simply meant "generic spraypaint can with that little ball in it that makes it rattle when you shake"

you shouldnt have trouble finding "crystal clear enamel" at your local ace hardware or home depot or whatever, and it might be made by rustoleum, but i'm not sure, just threw out my last empty cans.

also, theres spray polyurethane, havent tried it yet though.

either way, ought to be under $5 a can.

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