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Is this a good 1st board for a kid?


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WhiskeyMilitia has a SpeedDemons Flames Longboard for $50 right now. Is this an appropriate first board for a 12 year-old who wants a longboard? He'll just use it for tooling around town, going to school and maybe some cruising. Seems cheap.

Here's the description:

Hop on the Speed Demons Flames Longboard and bomb down to the liquor store with your hair on fire. With Speed Demons 6.0 Trucks, ABEC5 bearings, and 69mm wheels, this complete deck gives you a cruisy and stable ride for carving, weaving through campus, and pointing it. The Flames Skateboard comes fully assembled and ready to go.



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if they can skate, go higher end..

if they looked at longboarding, and were like "hm, thats neat, i'd like to try"...it'd probably be good enough for a couple months, once you do some bushing tuning.

He can't really skate yet. Well, he rides one of those street surfer things (the ones that articulate in the middle and you can locomote without putting your foot down - they have just two wheels on casters). He also has a regular skateboard, but rarely rides it. Partly he wants a longboard b/c the cool kids at school have them (I think).

What do you mean by "bushing tuning?" I'm a skate noob so please be patient with me. Will I need to adjust things for his rockin' 80lb bod? How? How will I know if I have it right?

I ordered the board.

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Guest needanswer

bushing tuning

see that pic you put up . at the top right corner.

the two red rubber/ureathane rings are the bushings.

everyone has their own preference base on weight and riding style.

they sell them at different duros (hardness).

softer (lower duro) means easier to turn.

harder (higher duro) means tougher to turn.

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for an 80 lb kid, you'll need some new bushings.

his weight wont be able to compress those bushings at all, if they're anything like the bushings on most completes.

order some khiro white barrel bushings (2 sets), and put those in.

to you, it should feel something like trying to balance on a marble, for him, it should feel good.

if you dont mind spending the extra 5 or 10 bucks, buy 2x white, 2xorange, 2x blue.

with the blue, it'll feel pretty turny for you, and quite stable for him.

orange is between the two, but hard enough that i ride it on some boards, in the front truck, and i weigh about 160.

oh.. about the bushings, keep the back a little stiffer than the front, whether that means tightening it a little more or putting harder bushings in.

keeps things more stable that way.

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50/50 on being able to buy them at a local skate shop.

khiro is a brand

another option is a blue (soft) bones hardcore bushing.

the main part is white on all, but theres a washer type of deal built in that is blue, yellow, or black.

if you cant find 'em at a local shop (they're wayyyyy too soft for street skaters)

hit up www.milehighskates.com or thelongboardstore.com or similar.

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