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Summer Quivers


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OK I have finally finished my skateboard quiver (barring a few changes in wheels) with the delivery of the red LDP from Andrew (xxxguitarist). The first three boards are all 33" the next two are 38"-39" the last two are my biguns at 47" and 60". These are the boards that are set up I still have a large collection of unmounted boards and a lot of unused newschool wheels. So who else has a collection they can show off

in order

Eastbilt 60" RII180(front) Indy 215 (rear) Pink 7-0's, Hyper Carve RII180(front) Indy 215 (rear), 80a/77mm Landy Hawgs, Gravity C39, Indy149's Spitfire 60mm/99a, Coldwar ICBM, Indy169's, SPEEDLAB IPS 98a/60mm, NK Canadian Beast (33" popsicle) Indy159's, Spitfire 53mm/98a, Andrew K LDP, Indy129's, 66mm Red Retro Zigs, Fullbag HS, Indy109 front/Chindy rear, 3dm Avalon 83a (front), Hotspots 80a (rear)




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hope you enjoy that board:biggthump

heres mine:




left to right:

Gravity Bruce Logan 30'', wedged/dewedged Tracker RTs/x, split duro Seismic Hotspots

LDP 35''(4ply 1/8'' baltic birch)- Bennett 5.0 front, Tracker RTs rear, 80a Seismic Hotspots

36'' Slide/park deck, 5.0 core hanger/indy baseplate trucks, 95a Rainskates Tsunami

Sector 9 Trylam 38'', Randal 150s, (shown with Gravity wheels, usually has lemon zigzags)

Landyachtz Drop Wedge (dropped a little extra) Holey trucks, Seismic 85mm 79a "bigvents"

Veneer board-(4ply 1/8'' baltic birch plus ribbon sawn mahogany & walnut), Landyachtz Bear Grizzly 10mm, 76mm78a Abec11 Flywheels

Topmount speedboard(5ply 1/8'' baltic birch)-41.5'' Force C7, 77mm78a Abec11 Strikers

sixty-four -64''/ 5'4'' boardwaker/ land windsurfer, Original S10 trucks, Abec11 Gumballs 81a

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I didn´t know there was a longboard forum here. Nice! So here is what I´m riding right now.

From left to right:

Hybrid slalom, slalom, my sofo longboard, Lush Samba with Seismics and my Sector 9 Luke Nosewalker. Bottom my Carveboard and in the background my -87 Grandwagoneer.

Enjoy the summer!


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