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parts for intec heels


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If you break internal parts on an intec heel can they be replaced or do you have to buy a whole new heel? I was riding today and broke the cog that engages the springs and pins when you pull on the cable to disengage the boot from the binding. It broke right in the center making the cable inoperable . I thought I had broke the cable but when I took the heel apart the cable was fine which didn't suprise me as it would take a lot of force to break the cable.The rest of the heel looks fine but I am not upset if I have to replace the whole thing as I have gotten a lot of use from it. I think that this part should be made out of metal instead of plastic because it can get a lot of force on it when you pull on the cable even if you are careful. I think I would always be more likely to break this part instead of the cable as the cable is very strong. This is the first time I have had anything break with this system.

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You could probably scare up some spare parts from folks who keep spare heels around just in case. However, if it broke, my feeling is its time for new heels. I replace mine when they start to look warn and the pins start to have some play in them. This is not a part I want to take chances with. :nono:

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