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wtb - burton 4 hole 3.5 degree cant disk (lift disk) 21cm round

west carven

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Had/have these (3D version) on allot of freestyle boards over the years , pre inserts , it provided a way to move bindings between numerous boards without having to re -drill or remove the self tapping mounting screws. Most of you "yungin's" wouldn't know about that.:o FYI, Burton was/is pretty strong in their decision to stay with the 3D pattern. Hense the 4 hole cants were much less common and as a result somewhat rare. Often called "Min" or "Max" cants.

To add to the confusion. They made a 3 degree, 3.5 degree, 7 degree and a 7.5 degree. The "Uni Cant" was also made as a "Do All" that made it possible to go between 3 hole and 4 hole, however the mechanism tends to add a bit of slop in the connection. Some can tolerate the play , others not. The plastic halves of the disc also chipped and cracked. Great concept with mechanical issues.

Photo is of the 3d model.




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still looking for a little lift for a 4hole pattern.

i have the Phiokka Machos bindings. looking for something

like this pic on mpride site... (see attached)

this is for a skwal type board, so the base is not wide enuff.

but anyone know of something similar? under bindings.



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i believe they were 21cm,

i have the 3d ones on a burton board.

the Phiokka Machos bindings fit on them just right.

of course i needed to trim the sides.

now that i have a 4 hole, i need a burton 4 hole

3.5 degree cant disk (lift disk) 21cm round.


"Many of the cants designed for alpine will work"

what other cants are available?

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