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Volkl Cross 167 complete for a song!

Guest Marcus

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Guest Marcus

I'm very stoked on this board, as it is an absolute rocket, and virtually unbeatable in my racing experience...of course, I suppose it could be the pilot too:cool: .


We don't have a circuit in Michigan with the exception of about 3 races per year, so as much as it pains me, I need to pass this board on to someone that can use it for it's intended purpose...to smoke any and all challengers.

So, if you want a boardercross specific rig, complete with Like new Salomon SP4 strap bindings, Palmer PLS plates, and a lightning fast board, the Volkl Cross 167 (did I mention this thing's fast?), then you can be the proud owner for the low, low price of only $250 + shipping. I'm not willing to budge on the price, as I feel like it's already too low for a like new kit from any manufacturer, let alone a pretty rare bordercross specific Volkl rig.

When I say like new, I mean it! The bindings were used maybe 10x, w/ the palmer pls system, and the board itself used in a total of 4 races. There is a very small scratch in the nose area of the topsheet, and other than that it looks , and rides like a brand new one!

Any questions? Hit me up @ king13@mbx.nmc.edu



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