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Episode 2007: Attack of the Nature


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First memories of season 2007 in this side of bond are now available as trailer for film Episode 2007: Attack of the Nature

There are few nice turns from Zinal and Oppdal sessions, more to follow when full film will be published on early June.

Trailer is available at www.flegmatic-carving.com as low and hi quality versions.

Low quality should be enough for most users :ices_ange And here we dont talk about quality of riders, they are all hi quality riders :biggthump

Have nice summer :rolleyes:

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god I love that ignore function!

sorry Pokkis, yes, it's just a name, although there seems to be a lot of effort put into "differentiation" (holy crap is that a word?)

anyway...for me, carving vids are just really, really boring for the most part. Dudes turning down flat, smooth terrain (is fun, but) gets old real quick,

BUT, you guys get some really good shots, and I am drooling over that Pen board. Sure looks like an axis though!

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I like to watch them in slow-mo, that way it is easier to dig out small things and differences of rides, but it is just silly me :rolleyes:

Yes i must admit that we got few great stuff on tape this year, and luckily on quite good quality too, so runnin them on slowmo is giving reasonable quality.

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