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Some other boardraisers for 2008


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I' talked to Andrej http://www.sportpoint.si/ last winnter (I think he's the one who designs Goltes boards) and he had something like this on his board. As I reacll, he said that it's there to reduce the force on the very bindings area, and to spread them equaly to the area between the bindings. That should improove board's carving performances, but the drawback is that it's not ideal for racing since skidding performances of the board are worse.

But maybe I missunderstood something :o

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I talked to Jani Goltes at Ischgl SG Invitational 4 (?) weeks ago where he was on a 183 (maybe another length) Pro Carve with plates mounted. He said as well that they are still in development and not yet ready. At the moment they aren't good enough to go out to the public.

I think there may well be up to 10 producer of plates and many more models.

The "Kessler" plate from above - well isn't it just another Hangl, I'm pretty sure Sigi Grabner had them on some of his testboards too.? I've seen a plenty Kessler boards with that plate on.

I should have made photos in Ischgl to satisfy your plate hunger. There were many different constructions to be seen.

If you go to www.sgproteam.com and click on the team photos you can see some more constructions Not mentioned on bomberonline:

Group photo 3+4 with Andi Promegger (there is as well another person with the "kessler plate", or on the photo team 6 where Andis board portrudes into the picture; Christoph Segura on team 9 has as well some sort of plate I've never seen but it must be old as he retired from racing long ago; Team 10 with Christian Veit on yet another F2 plate, team 11 Heidi Neuruhrer with yet another plate; team 13 Zan Kosir I'm not sure if this plate was already mentioned on Bomber, team 14 with Sigi and Chris Rothwangl showing very good the two standard Hangl/SG plates, team 15 - Fischnaller with a little adapted SG/Hangl plate;

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Seems the new season is gonna be the metal and plates year. Gonna wait a while till all the guys here test some of these and make some good reviews on this stuff. No hassle to be an early adaptor.

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