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Can I play my PC DVD on my TV?


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so... I buy a new HDTV. I buy a new Laptop. Laptop has HDDVD. Not wanting to commit to a HDDVD or Blueray player, I work on the Assumption that I can run my lap to directly to my TV with HDMI. all the ports are in place, the wire hooked up the HD disc is in the drive and the I'm ready to go right?

Wrong. Apparently DVD /computers are coded to prevent this.


1. any way to circumvent this?

2. Can I be the only one to realize that this is ridiculous?


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I have a DVD player with an HDMI output...works fine. I can also hook up the laptop with the HDMI and use the TV as a monitor; the problem only presents itself when playing dvds...

thanks for the link, I posted over there to see what people think

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I've heard some nightmarish stories of DRM and the HD DVDs

welcome to the world that MS, Sony and the MPAA are doing their best to create for you.

I have no experience myself, just read some stories here and there about similar issues that make life hell for most of us because a couple people pirate movies

the MPAA does not believe in fair use so you're ****ed unless you go out of your way to find a solution.


there must be something in those forums to help you, at least it's the right place to ask

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