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Mt. Hood Meadows Pond Skimming


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Video of my first-ever attempt at pond skimming at Mt. Hood Meadows last weekend: rocking the 4807 178 and hard boots, baby!


The 4807 is definitely the beast of choice for pond skimming - it makes it pretty much impossible to stuff the nose, which was how most of the swimmers wound up in the water.

This pond was very very short, and about 90% of the riders made it across - rumor is that next year it will be more challenging.

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They added a kicker off of a narrow approach and a four foot drop to the water:lol:

good luck next year:eplus2:

maybe third years the charm

Yeah, it sounds like pretty much every other mountain makes it a tougher than Meadows. Here's what someone posted on Dave Riley's (the Meadows manager) blog:


Hey Dave! We were at Big Sky recently for a week. They had a pond skim on Saturday the 14th, WOW !! This thing had 2 pools, the first about 60' long, the second was a shorter pond, around 30'. Connecting the pools was a table top jump built of snow. So these crazys were skimming across the first pool, hitting the jump, and in some cases hitting the landing and then skimming clear across the second pool to ride out of it high and dry!! Of course most people were not as skilled or lucky, one guy actually threw a backflip completely past the landing zone, creating a huge splash in the middle of the second pool.

Dave's reply: No WAY! Do you have any digital pictures you could email me of that? send to driley@skihood.com Thanks Jeff!



Sounds like it's going to be a lot harder to stay dry next year.

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