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Summer Snowperformance Camp at Mt. Hood


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Timberline Mount Hood

June 15th 16th 17th

If you have never visited Timberline in the summer it is the time for it. Mount Hood is know for its outstanding summer snow base, which means in early June we should have no worries in carving up the whole mountain and having great race lanes available.

June 15th 16th 17th

Coaching only $380

Lift package details below


3 days lift tickets

3 days Coaching in highly personalized groups

Private race lane

Free ride/all mountain training

Gate Training with snowboard gates

Daily Digital Video analysis

Stance and alignment analysis

Timed runs

3 day course is $490 including lift tickets

2 day course is $335 including lift tickets

For registration info please visit the Snowperformance.com site and follow the alpine snowboard links.

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Is there a 3 half-day course? The Father Time special? ;)


I'm sure you can do a 3 half-day course. Just $490 including lift tix. :smashfrea

Seriously though, aren't they mostly half-days at Hood in summer? I've only been there in July/August, but both those times they close the hill just after lunch anyway (open it around 7:30am).

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The camp was excellent! Sean,Mark, and Gavin pushed us and kept the stoke high, in spite of the variable weather and conditions. Thanks to the team, we all made good progress and took away things we'll always use. :biggthump Was great to meet new faces and see Dane (sp?) again, riding strong and smooth. :cool: Special thanks to Randy for providing beverages,snacks, and a cushy place to do video analysis. The highlight was slo-mo looping Silvans world class face plant. :lol: On the slope, Randy's little shredders inspired all of us. Sung(sp?), Peter, Randy and clan, Dane, Monte, Art, was a pleasure to ride with you all, the "Twins" and I thoroughly enjoyed it! :biggthump IS IT WINTER YET?!?!?!

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I have to say what a pleasure it was to meet and ride with you all. I have to add that with one little adjustment to my knees and my last run was by far the best. Thanks Mark and Sean. R, thanks again for the floor and it was great to meet the Clan. What a great bunch of kids and I hope the river was kind. PeeDiddy (not sure exactly how to spell it :D ), thanks for getting my sorry arse motivated on Sunday, you were right, I needed it and it was well worth it. Cakes at the Huckleberry did not dissapoint, and the sun made an appearance. Hope to see ypu all on the slopes again in the future. Give a shout if you get up/over this way. Monty said it all:"Good times" Cheers, Art

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