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Rental boards in the Washinton DC Region


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I'm going to be traveling from Australia to Washington DC 26Feb - 17 Mar and am going to catch up with friends and board around the Washington DC area - probably Timberline.

I'm going to bring clothing and a helmet but I'm still decideing if I should bring boots (Raichlie 324's) as well.

I was not going to bring a board due to the annoyance factor in dragging a 174cm Prior from Australia to the US for ~4 days of boarding.

Does anyone know of anywhere in the Washington DC region that rents boards with plate bindings or am I just going to have to hire softboots :-(



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I live ~30 miles outside of DC and before I bought my equipment, I called many local shops and half of htem didnt' even know what an alpine board was. If there is a place that rents alpine (and I highly doubt there is), it's a very well guarded secret....i feel confident in saying "no." (IMHO)

also, I assume you konw that timberline is not a close drive, if i can remember it's through the mountains too so you can't go real fast...probably at least 3-4 hours (depending on various conditions). i did it years ago though so perhaps things have changed...


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