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I need some help/reassurance/whatever.....

I'm NOT stoked about riding this year....

I'm NOT spending every free minute planning weekend trips....

I'm NOT obsessing with the snow report at Tahoe or N. Co(I'm still looking at pics, tho)

For the uninformed, I broke my ankle riding in Feb 2005. I've had 2 major re-do surgeries in the last year because the original orthopod misdiagnosed me.

Plus, my hubby was almost killed last year in a wreck and is due for his last surgery in Jan

Then, I dislocated my shoulder riding in April with less than ideal conditions. The fact my ankle was such I had a hard time maintaining my balance had probably 75% to do with that accident.

Plus, my job situation was in disarray for about 6 months last year. Yes, unemployed MDs don't garner a whole lotta sympathy.

Plus, between the surgeries, the job situation, and all the anti-inflammatories I had to take just to walk, I've gotten myself an ulcer....

My ankle is fine after surgery #2...

Am I either 1. too stressed and the cure is a weekend in Tahoe

2. rightfully worried about *fiching* the ankle up again

3. need to walk away for a season to get confidence?(I'm usually a "get back on the horse again" type of person

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I understand the fear of ankle's, my left is an accident waiting to happen and have been for going on 20 years (I folded it skateboarding). I may be a bit fatalistic about my ankle I know it's gonna go out 2-3 times a year and I know it's gonna hurt like F$#^%@# HELL. But if I live in fear of it I'll not have any fun so I wear a brace (not extreme activities) and I do my PT. My skateboarding has adapted to it and for that matter so has my snowboarding. I can't run as steep angles as I would like and I can't air/ollie/jump like I used to but that just means I get to work on carving more which whether on concrete of snow is more enjoyable anyway. My motivation for this year is more about consistancy than any epic trips. My plan is lots of night skiing and slalom skateboard practive to work on my techniques more than any major trips.

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My $.02 Skatha... you've had a LOT of crap to process and I suspect many things are out of balance that you are not really aware of. Kind of like the backside of a divorce. Don't sweat not being hyped about this season, just find some calm time and take whatever measure of happiness you can. If you can... allow the hard-charging life to fly past as you pause, regroup and gather strength. When I'm tired at the end of a day is when I'm most likely to get hurt. Sounds like your life events have got you 'tired'. Put your feet up and enjoy a patch of sunshine.


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Sounds to me like the prescription for this problem would be a weekend (or long weekend, or week) away carving on soft snow.

Don't come to Tahoe for that right now. Its more like east coast skiing. Head to Utah, CO, or PNW if you want good snow. We've got crap. :smashfrea

And book yourself at a place with a hot tub and hopefully a spa / masseur.

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1. Plan a trip, any trip, if you can afford to do so without causing more stress. If not on snow, Hawaii always seems to do it for me.

2. Yes, you could F-up your ankle, but ANYTHING can happen ANY TIME no matter what you are doing - as you seem to be all too aware of lately. Don't let that be your reason not to do something.

3. Get back on the Horse ASAP - life is SHORT...if you wait, the horse may not come around again.


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sorry to hear about your injury. giving up riding will be the biggest regret of your adult life. go have a beer, lock in and remember why you rode in the first place. remember your love for the mountain and the fresh white snow. life is short and we can only do this for so long.

i wish you a quick recovery and great season. pray for snow!!! ULLR!

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Sounds like a rough trail you've been on as of late!

If my own experience may be of any use to you.....

1) If something doesn't have a very real potential to cause you pain you don't love it, if you don't love it then whats the point?

2) Once you discover that your starting to "break" more often than "bounce", re-evaluate what your doing and why you are doing it.

3) Upon said re-evaluation try a different perspective. There are usually many overlooked facets to something that can bring equal or greater pleasure than what you were doing before.

4) Give yourself a chance to adjust. Just because what you think you should feel or what you think should happen doesn't occur RIGHT NOW doesn't mean that it won't, shouldn't or couldn't.

Best Wishes!

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...After coming off of rotator cuff surgery in '05 and having a great winter riding season in '05-'06 I'm empathetic to your situation on a smaller level. This past summer and fall I've had weird sensations in the shoulder that I had repaired. The surgeon did a top notch job and I've really enjoyed being pain free for over a year now. What I didn't expect was all the phantom pains that come and go during the day. Also, let a low pressure system come through and drop some rain or snow and I can feel the chain in barometric pressure.

What's funny is that it's mainly in the labrum repair that I feel any discomfort. That area had the least damage and only a minor repair.

Short story: I'm apprehensive about this season and I'm in no hurry to get on the hill until it starts puking snow for multiple days.

I'd applaud you if you take the season off and let your life come back together. Sometimes we have to put down our hobbies and pick them up at a better time.

Bon Chance!


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