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Aurora Shots from the 14th

Justin A.

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Just thought that I'd post some pictures of the highlight of our last boarding trip. The snow sucked, Conway was too crowded to do anything, but at least that night the sky put on a hell of a show. I have more pictures if anybody is interested.

For the photography types out there: Camera was a Yashika 230 AF. Lens: Kyocera AF 35-70 f/3.3-5.5. 16 Second exposure on Kodak Gold 800 (I was planning on taking bright sunny boarding shots, ok ;) ). I think they came out pretty good for it being my first attempt at shooting the Aurora.




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Thats actually how we knew to go out. The CME was supposed to get here on the 15th, so the Aurora would have been even stronger then, but alas it was SUPER cloudy. And we were back in light-polluted southern NH :angryfire. Next time I'll hopefully be upgraded to a Nikon D70s with a similar lens. I might invest in one thats maybe like....35-45mm f/<2.0, and shoot longer exposures. Even if Im still using the Yashika, I might spring for a slower film to be done with some of the damned grain from the high speed film and again, shoot longer exposures (star trails don't bother me at all).

What made that night even cooler was that we were having a meteor shower as well. In one of the shots I caught a meteor in the act :biggthump , which looks really cool and is now my background.

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I'd go with something slower too. I shot Kodak Hi Def in 400 spd in a Minolta Maxxum 5 a few years ago and varied my exposure times, anywhere from 15 sec to 1 min. The shots turned out amazingly. I was stunned when I got them back, the colors were more vivid than they were to the naked eye. Very little grain. That was my first time shooting or seeing the aurora. I'm in WV so we don't get to see it very often. We were clouded over in my area on Thurs/Friday so viewing wasn't possible. I'll try to scan a couple shots and post them up.



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