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New Rules on Sale Items - and Commentary


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Recently we have had some issues with people questioning the rules for selling gear here at BOL. Currently it does (and has always) stated "new equipment sales are NOT permitted". One would think this would be clear enough but it seem to not be. We have had a rash of brand new gear appear on the Classifieds that the seller is not even trying to hide the fact they bought the gear as a close out and are just flipping it for a profit.

Now I have to admit, we (the moderators) take some blame as we have let some of these slide. A lot of times I have personally written people nice e-mails asking to not do this and let them choose to keep the post or remove it. The majority have understood and removed their post. But some have not. Our hope was that the message would be sent and we could all self-moderate and be better for it. This is not happening.

We are also being called on the inconsistency of us enforcing these rules and I agree, this needs to change. So in an effort to keep the peace here is the new rule on the Classifieds:

No new equipment sales. Period.

If it is listed in the post as "new, NIB, never used" or any other description that obviously states the item is new, it will be pulled. I have gone back about 1 week and have already removed all classified adds with new gear to get this started. I have already made the update to the Rules thread in the Classifieds to remind us all.

FYI: for those already thinking of neat ways around this, it included links to adds for new gear, i.e. a link to E-Bay for new gear. Also, if it looks like the gear is new but it is not stated so, we may ask nicely if it is new. Depending on the response it may get pulled. So please don't try to skirt around this. Please don't send us cute emails like "an add has used boots for sale but the booster straps are new, what are you going to do about it? Haha". Be real, still used boots.

We will offer some leeway on this. If you got a set of new boots from your great-grandma for X-mas and they are the wrong size and you just want to sell them to replace them, fine. E-mail us with your reason for a new gear sale and we'll go from there.

Now a message to those of you who seem to think it is OK to use this forum to sell new gear that we also sell here at Bomber so, get this, we can keep this forum running, I have only this to say. That's rude. Really rude. You might as well bring that board to my shop here in Silverthorne, put a price tag on it, and set it next to the ones I am selling. You wouldn't do that so why is it acceptable here? You have about 523 other ways to sell that on the internet, use one of those please.

Comments/criticism welcome as always.

Alright lets see how this works and lets hope it keeps the piece here in BOL land. More then anything, I hope some of our friends in "snow lacking" areas get some of the white stuff so we can all remember why we do this.


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Maybe you should put a reply or change something in the rules of the "For sale" and the "Want to buy" forums so that on the next visit, the "Rules and guidelines" it is marked as unread (if it is possible).

Also, if we spot an item labeled as new in the classifieds, do we report it with the little red triangle as we would for spam and such or has it been already approved?

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I assume there is an age limit on the rule as many of us find old stuff no longer made and pick it up for the good of the community. ie The "new" AMP 6 I found and put up for sale. over five years old no longer made but essentially new never used still had the stickers on the base. I bought it even though its to small for me and put it on the board for some newcomer to get into the sport with. whatever profit I made helped pay for my new trench diggers:biggthump

Which are really awesome by the way. anyway I am assuming that you are really targeting products that you currently carry in the online store. That being the case I heartily support the crack down.

Lets not go overboard and limit the aquisition of gear that is otherwise unattainable by the community at large. The older stuff that is in good shape is essential to bringing newcomers to the sport who don't want to or can't buy new gear the first season out.

just my .02

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Maybe we should be selling new (read: bomber store) stuff on the catek site forum. They just sell their bindings so new boards etc wouldn't infringe on their business. I think this has become a problem recently due to all the blowout F2 stuff flooding the market. If I am an authorized F2 dealer, I am pissed that the manufacturer dumped a load of NOS product on the market at ridiculously low prices compared to current models. Unless they offered the product to Bomber or YYZ and they chose not to buy it up.

Just a thought.

D. :biggthump

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Right on :AR15firin The "For Sale Rules" update was needed.

I am guilty of hounding a few sellers this week to "do the right thing" with their brand new gear ads and be accountable to the existing rules. Their excuse was that others were doing it, so they felt ok about doing it too :nono: not ok :flamethro

The Bomber Store has a lot of great gear, best wishes in 2007.


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All good points guys.

Derf: I would just go ahead and drop us a line and let us know directly. Hard to keep track of those little red flags.

DrD: Very good point. Yes, there is wiggle room here. If it is a Burton PJ new in plastic, we can let that go.

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