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Does BOL forums need stricter moderation?


Does BOL forums need stricter moderation?  

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  1. 1. Does BOL forums need stricter moderation?

    • No, this will pass like it always does
    • Yes, delete posts that are off topic or direct flaming
    • Yes, deleted OT posts and flames, impose temp-bans on multiple offenders

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The stuff that's been going on here does not fly on most of the forums I've ever been a part of. I've even seen moderators deleting posts if they were off topic with the OP's subject (not that I think we need that).

Seriously all this flaming needs to stop IMHO. None of this is positive for BOL or Alpine in general. Without going overboard something needs to change here with all this drama.

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self moderated forums seem to flourish - moderated forums end up having the most interesting posters banned for something stupid and meaningless...example: TGR = hugely successful, self moderated.

Catek = dead...maybe 3 people left posting over there - overly moderated

(come to think of it, didn't d-sub vs CMC take that forum down? naah...I must be kidding myself)

it's easy to talk **** on the internet...but it's stupid to get all worked up because someone rubs you the wrong way. chances are you'll never see these people in person.

Anyone whining for more moderation should check their priorities. and grow some balls.

By the way...I'm back!

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I run a forum with over 10,000 members.

If you moderate too much, people whine.

If you don't moderate enough, people whine.

There is no simple solution.

Don't let a little flaming ruffle your feathers. Just ignore it. If you do see something that is way out of line, use the report.gif button to report it to the moderator and they can do what they see fit.

I visit BOL every day and I have yet to see any serious issues on this board. Grow a little bit thicker skin, don't feed the trolls, and remember why we are all here.

Oh, and don't forget to support the fine folks at Bomber that provide this service to all of us.

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Moderation's OK here, we don't need more. If I recall, there has been few or no name calling in the recent flame wars, only people doubting other people, people making jokes, good and bad. D-Sub made a joke about knees together to Bordy just as everyone jokes about Jack and asym boards. People leave when they get tired of this, it's their own choice, but we have to remember one thing: this is the INTERNET, not real life. If you don't like what you read, don't read it. If someone flames you, just say "what does he know?" and ignore him (same with personnal attacks). If a friend in real life insults you on a forum, take it outside of the forum. I have read comments that I did not like about my view of alpine snowboarding, I just answer politely and say "that's how I see it for me".

So, can't we just all get along?


If you don't behave, I'll post more...:eplus2:

Edit: I don't think the Catek forum is overly moderated, people just stopped going because of the last CarveMaster Challenge thread.

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I wouldn't increase the moderation, but I sure wish there was a way to ignore threads. Then maybe people wouldn't bitch so much about threads they don't like. Like the "Dude, just ride" types who complain when people talk technical. It's like bitching about a conversation you overhear in the next room.

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I honestly don't know whats been happening- probably just because I only look at OT- however, given my past experience with this thread and D-sub :biggthump I don't think it needs more moderation. People should just be mature enough to bring discussions to a private forum once they are no longer appropriate in public.

Ummm... also knowing how some people can say things that are incredibly judgemental and hurtful, I would hope that these people learn to at least self-censor after antagonizing so many people repeatedly. Cooling-off before feeding into it is also highly advised.

I'm not in favor of the "its-the-internet, its-fake" approach as I feel that this forum actually is more human than others. People who may hide behind this argument may simply be avoiding responsibility for their own actions by demeaning them. I don't care how far removed you are from someone, whether it be through a computer screen, prison bars :nono: , or an acquaintance, you still shouldn't use the distance as an excuse to be an a**hole.

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BOL is pretty civilized compared to some forums I read. Try some of the cycling, music/musicians or climbing forums, people really go off the deep end, flame wars wage on for months, or even years between adversaries. If someones saying something that bugs you, but them on ignore for a while. If you think threads are dumb or OT, hey, dont read them. duh. IMO, I havent seen anything that deserves deleting, though I missed the CMC stuff that went on be for I joined.

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self moderated forums seem to flourish - and new maggots get JONG'd- :smashfrea Keyboard cowboys, pranksters, crank callers....they're all silly.

Jerky Boys were way ahead of thier time with "Hurt at Work" when he said bad, awful things and I fell down the stairs and my shoes fell off.....and I feel very, very hurt about all of this :rolleyes:


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fine as it is.

THere is a sailing forum called sailinganarchy, which runs just fine with complete insults and calling people out (and a few companies have probably been ruined in the process).

Sailing is in better shape as a result.

I've always found D-Sub to be a reasonable guy; pretty much everyone else is too; the insults on this board are well more mild that SA.

As for that Catek thread...good for a laugh but AFAIK DSub bought boots off CMC anyway, and it is all good times.

Pics or it didn't happen.

What's it rate?

oops. Wrong board.

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This place is already too f'ing PC.

It wouldn't be bad to have an option to "flag" a post though. That would let the community self-police to a degree. If a post get multiple flags the mods can check it out and decide whether to do anything about it. Craigslist works that way. It'd also be cool to be able to flag for "Best of BOL" while we're at it.

JONGs rule.

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easy kip...no one except skipuppy even mentioned me specifically and like my mama said it takes two to fight...

some people are way too sensitive. some people are way too egotistical, but some people could learn when to just ignore things when they're sick and bored and enjoy arguing :argue:

Sinecure..isnt there already a way to flag posts here? I thought there was. EDIT: Just checked, and yes there is. Little red exclamation point on each post. Click that and voila.

I have never seen anything here, never been involved in anything here, that really really got me worked up enough to feel the need for such, and I also dont think I've ever typed anything that deserve flagging. Thin skin is no bueno.

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Hey -was that ape harmed in the making of that ad for TGR??

You a very bad man WW, very bad. :D

b b b bad to the bone........

now,tell me if this "offends" you


some people are way too sensitive


maybe it was the ape's speedo, maybe it was throwing glass bottles in the pool area.

I am perplexed...... ;)

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I refuse to answer because of the fact that I have no idea. One site I can think of is www.aximsite.com where they have pretty strict moderation and that place is flourishing like none other. But yeah, at the same time people need to take anything anybody says with a grain of salt.

And mention of fighting always reminds me of a story... I was in 6th grade and for some reason I ended up pissin a guy off... I don't remember how, whatever... Anyhoo, he came up to me and got right in my face (well, my face was right around his chest at the time) and he said "You wanna fight?" It was obvious that he would have whooped my ass, so I just stood there (with a "what do you think I am, an idiot" face) and said, "No..." He looked confused as hell and said, "Well alright then..." And he walked away. What an idiot.

So that's my stupid little story. See ya.

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