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That's funny right there - I don't care who you are...


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I'd be STOKED if my "JIB ANGLE" was canted inward...or is that sailing...I forget.

I wonder what Post was thinking when they did this. That snowboarders eat honeycomb (I guess I do :eek: )? That snowboarders WOULD eat Honeycomb if they thought it was cool. That snowboarders like things that are BIG yeah yeah yeah, and not SMALL no no no?

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They must have run out of room to not include "radical" and "gnarly", as in "I feel totally radical in my insulated bula headband, but my neon yellow "jams" with squares and triangles all over them could be a little more gnarly."

Not that I ever dressed that way, or had a mullet. Those other kids though - bad seeds I tell ya. They came from the dayglow side of the tracks.

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