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Southern Ontario Session '07


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It's on: Friday January 26 2007; Osler Bluff Ski Club

If you missed it last year, this is a great chance to get together with one of the strongest carving communities at one of the best hills in Ontario. Whatever your abilities, its a great opportunity to ride with others and share the gift.

If you were there last year or the year before, you need to come this year for the terrain improvements. We have increased the width of three of the most carvable hills: Exhibition, Lookout, and Breakaway. And for those that start to flag at midday, there's a new espresso bar in the clubhouse.

I am still organizing the day and I will post more info as it becomes available but YYZ Canuck and Coiler will be at the event and hopefully they can add some interest to the day (unfortunately the Club won't permit a demo tent though).

If you are interested, I need to know with some certainty. Osler Bluff is a private club and I need to provide a count of guests prior to the event. I will be looking for a confirmation from you around 2 weeks from the date. At that time I will need some real names that I can put on the guest list. I would request that you leave your skiing friends at home for this event. I have booked space for about 30 at the moment and I would like the spots to go to those of us that ride carving gear. If you could e-mail me expressing interest, I will start publishing a tentative guest list in a few weeks.


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Skategoat's report may have been a little too filled with optimism: Osler is closed this weekend.

The gloom deepens. It will take at least two weeks of below freezing temperatures to rebuild the snow base to the point where there would be more than 4 runs open. I am going to be talking to the management about an alternate date for SOS. I will try to push it back into February while avoiding the SES window but this may be difficult. Stay tuned and appeal to whatever deities you worship for better weather.

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Chris, unfortunately I am going to have to bow out of SOS this year. Just started a new job and I really need to be here for the forseeable future. So days off are going to be rare.

If you end up having it in Feb I may be able to swing it.


Darren Eagles :biggthump

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Sorry for the long wait on this update. I have been watching the conditions and trying to decide whether to let this happen or call it off. At the moment, the weather over the next week or so looks promising (at least for snow-making) so I am making the call to go ahead with SOS. I think we would all welcome some time on snow even if the conditions are not optimal and not all of the trails are open. So let's make this thing happen.

The following have confirmed for the event:

Chris Ball

Chris Couse

Rob Cox

Monique Cox

Henry Kim

Peter Halsall

John Hevesi

Justin Hines

Chris Houghton

Greg Marsden

Ken McCutcheon

John McCutcheon

Beth McNally

Mike McNally

Evgeny Minkevich

Andrea Morgan

Dave Morgan

John O'Brien

Julien Bouchy-Picon

Derek Peeling

Victor Plopeanu

Dan Stewart

Rob Sydia

Arthur Tateishi

Gabe Tung

Bruce Varsava

Leslie Varsava

Imo Weinert

Derek Peeling

Beth McNally

Let me know if I have overlooked anyone. Otherwise I am calling the list closed as I have hit my target of 30.

If you have not been to the event before you can find driving directions here. It is always good to get an early start so aim to arrive about 8:30 to be on the hill before 9:00. You will need to pick up your ticket at ticket window that is located in the outdoor passage under the main clubhouse. Boot changing and lockers are through the doors on your left off of the passage (there are no coin lockers, only cubbies). I will be carrying an FRS radio tuned to channel 7/7. A number of others will do likewise and it is a good way to find us if you get separated or arrive late. I would recommend that we break for lunch around 11:45 (this will give us a good run at the hills when they clear over the lunch hour). We will use the upper chalet (top of the high speed quad) for lunch. Bring a lunch if you wish to or you can buy a lunch at the Upper Chalet.

Expect less than ideal conditions. Some runs will not be opened by then but I am guessing about half will be. Certainly all of the runs around the high speed quad will be open and some at the Orchard Chair may be open (hopefully Exhibition).

Hope too see you all there.

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I just purchased a new pair of boots(Line aka Raichle)26 mp ,they are a bit too big.I will be attending SOS on friday and was wondering if anyone was willing to part with 25-25.5mp boots.If so can you bring them with you and if all goes well ,I will buy them from you.

Thanks Justin

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Since we're talking trades, i'm going to be bringing my Coiler All-Mountain 182 (6.7 flex) that will have a for-sale sticker on it. If anyone thinks they might be interested in it, shoot me an email with your boot size, angles and step-in/standard preference and I will set up some bindings on the board.

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What a great day yesterday. We had a lot of fun.

Thanks for hosting us again Chris. At one point we looked back up the hill and there was no-one on it. Then, the carvers just started coming down.

YYZCanuk aka. Andrea and Dave, the snacks helped us make it home - it was a pretty hairy drive at points.

See everyone all next year!

Beth, Derek, Mike and Colin (and the evil twins!)

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I had a great time and met some new people and saw some familiar faces from last year.

Special thanks to Henry for the ride, Evguenii for the comical relief and last but not least Chris for organising this for all of us.

Hopefully this event continues to happen for many years to come.

:AR15firinVICTOR :D

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