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help with head liners


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Correct the HEAD heat molder looks like a mutated hair dryer. We have one here at Bomber and are more then happy to mold those for you. Do them all the time as we sell HEAD boots. Just call ahead (no pun intended) and set up an appointment.

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you know I dig you, dude. It just cracks me up how this site somehow convinces us (note the US, which includes me) to type our opinions when they have absolutely zero bearing on the topic at hand. It happens more here than any other site I've ever frequented.

I've heard some complaint of this from time to time and always scoffed...then I started seeing it.

humorous at worst since it isnt exactly serious.

kinda like Im doing now!

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Back to Liners, Guys!

I have a pair of Stratos and a pair of Stratos Pro. One of those pair of boots has a lot of usage and the liners are starting to show it!

So to answer the question: Why would I like to change them if they are good?

The answer would be nothing last for ever! So if I need at some point to renew them. What should I renew them with? (interested to know what kind of options experienced user have tried). I'm thinking why not use the knowledge this forum has to offer.

For the advice about YYZ Canuck, I did email them and they haven't sold liner for Head boots. They suggested to call Bomber online for advice.

I guess this is my next move unless someone has some personnal experience with replacement liner for Head boots.

Thanks! :biggthump

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I have the new stratos pro liners and was wondering if you guys know anything about molding them. I tried to make an appointment with Larrys bootfitting in Boulder and theyre booked forever. Is there anyway to mold them at home. Or any places in Denver that can do em?


Snowboardsfast went to a guy in englewood to get his new boots fit, unfortunately I don't remember his name, Larry has gotten some big time press lately in skier and the rocky. Try pm'ing snowboardsfast, I'm sure he will be much more help than I was.


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eos4life, I replaced the stock liners in my Head Stratos Pro with Intuition moldable liners. They are much different, a huge improvement. After getting them, I can't really call the stock liners moldable. Maybe, as they are made in Canada, they'll be less expensive for you than for me.

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