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Boards Anonymous: Post your quiver


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Hello my name is Dave* and I'm a boardaholic.

I made the mistake of mentioning in another thread my guessitmate of how many boards I had and people wanted to see a pic,

It turns out I underestimated by a few, I am officially over 40, there are 38 or 39 in the picture, and I forgot three or four buried in the closet and the bizik stick was skulking in its board bag in the corner of the hallway, by that time everthing was repacked and I really did not have a chunk of wall space big enough to fit them all in anyways for a reshoot.

As to boots/bindings/parts/gear that is a whole other issue.

A few more I can claim the world title.!!!!!! Bwaaahaaahaaahaaa!!!!!!!

It could be worse I could be collecting garden gnomes.

Soon I guess it will be time for the internet MOAGS ( mother of all garage sales)



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ArAngel you have a sharp eye to spy the 166 prowler in the mix, I rescued that thing just the other week, a diamond in the rough -it still has half of the factory wrapping on it minimal storage scuffs also, I have no idea where it came from to end up in SJies but I had to have it, havent gotten around to abusing it yet.

The only other deck still in wrapper is the 178 4807 which I never got around to riding as it was going to be horsetraded for a 198 undertaker to take over for my 185 undertaker,

My change in hills this season has me eyeballing a bunch of my smaller radius carving decks that have been left alone the previous years while at a much bigger hill, the 185s n 190 wil be a bit attention deprived this season I guess.


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Nice quiver :AR15firin

How about lining them up on a wall or fence for a full view?


2nd that

oh, and...you are a LONG way off as far as quiver size compared to at least two people I know of. Dryer and Oldsnowboards easily have three times as many boards, probably more.

you people are sick!

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Hey Dave, let's discuss your last will and testament sometime over brunch. On a more serious note, my quiver used to be about double what it is now, but I whittled her down to my present five boards. All of them have the bases and edges in very, very good condition and if was dared to race gates tomorrow and not allowed to tune at all, I could not blame my equipment for a poor result. A 162, two 185's and two 188's.

The 185 burton's are interesting because they look the same, but are pretty differrent. Red one is tip: 224.6mm, waist: 178mm, tail: 223.8mm SCR:14.81 mtr.

Blue one is tip: 227mm, waist: 178mm, tail 222.6mm, SCR: 15.5 mtr. The blue one has 4 cm more running length. 169cm vs. 165cm. on the red one.

Blue one has 15mm. of camber, red one 12mm, both are very stiff.

The burner with bindings on it has 18mm of camber!!!! Makes for a lively ride.


Dave R.


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Where is the yellow FP Dave? Didn't you have another?

I traded it and some cash to Dave* about six weeks ago for the burner 188 with no bindings on it. If you look in Dave*'s pic at the top, it's tucked in with the other 185's he's got. It was easy because Dave*'s secret lair is only about a half-hour drive from my place.


Dave R.

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Home from work, getting caught up on the workings of BOL.

Carp - favorite builder right now Prior , but that is a proximity availability

thing, would love to get my mitts on some of the MADDs/Coilers/ etc

I am sure they would get my gearmomanometer into redline.

-current favorites by use are all Priors, my 179 4x4, 171 ATV

stiffened, and my old Prior Bizik custom.

Dave*s secret lair is kind of limited in wall space and would need forty odd foot of board space for a full profile line up of the ussual suspects. Not to mention no wide angle lens.

As to last will and testament, I plan on being buried with them all Viking Style to take with into the next life,

Am glad to hear there are others out there with more decks than myself.


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You sick, sick patient of the Betty Ford Caveaholic Treatment Center!!

Best I can do is:


most current pic I have, so subtract the Nordica Beasts and add a yellow w/ black RennTiger SL 153. And I'm kind of cheating, because son rides the Skinny and daughter rides Burton, Oxygen and RT 153.

In the meantime I'm still waiting for snow here in Superior California :(

p.s. Oh, yah! add TD2 SI's to the Donek and TD1 SI's to the grey RT, and TD1's to the Skinny. 2 pair of Burton plates outfit the Burton/Oxygen/RT 153's!!

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whats the point? are those different years and you just admire the boards so much? Or...is there a fear of these not being available after the apocalypse?

having multiples of the same board...just doesnt make sense to me unless there's a scarcity issue.

others seem to have holes to fill. I guess possessions help? Dont help me a damn bit

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I'm not really a quiver person, but here is mine, all three boards!


  • 1993 Burton Air 6.1, bought new after I got my first snowboard stolen after my first day. The bindings aren't mounted, but they are original Burton Freestyle bindings that the board came with.
  • 1999 Nitro GTX 166, my second alpine board (I sold the first) bought new in 2001. This my main ride. I got some used Cateks last year.
  • 1999 Burton Alp 7.1, got it used this year, I still haven't ridden it. The bindings are 1997 Burton Performance plates, bought new with my first alpine board.

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