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Guest utahsnowrider

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Guest utahsnowrider


Trench Diggers 2- Standards - Volkl 173 RT GS - Burton Fires 26.5

Volkl 173 Renn Tiger GS- (waist 190, length 173) *SOLD*

Bought two years ago, only ridden very few times on Burton Race plates then 3 times on TD2sBase and edges are in EXCELLENT CONDITION!!

Trench Diggers 2 Standards *SOLD*

Bought last year- only 3 grommer runs on green slope

purple elasometers, 3 degree cants


Burton Fires- 26.5 *SOLD*

Bought 4 years ago brand new. The boots has only seen no more than 12 groomer runs on green/blue slopes. The shells have minor scruffs from normal banging while walking and riding. They are in EXCELLENT CONDITION. I will remove my custom foot beds and put back original foot beds that came with the boots. The boot liners are in EXCELLENT CONDITON and are just as good as new.

I am getting out of the sport to concentrate on other interests. I have not had the time to go carving. I hoping that someone will pick everything up, but I am willing to sell items separately. Please make reasonable offers. I need $$$ to purchase backcountry gear asap. Once I see a reasonable offer, I will consider all of the items or individual item sold.

I am based in Colorado Springs, CO. I am usually in the mountains on the weekends. I will be in SLC, Utah for the holidays. I am open to meeting up to deliver the equipment. Shipping will be the responsiblity of the buyer.

Please feel free to shoot me an email with any questions that you may have about the equipment listed above. I will be more than happy to send you pictures via email.



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I am having trouble upload pictures. I am not sure how to change the resolution or reduce the memory that the pictures are taking up in order for me to upload the picture. I could use some help here.

I had a post about how to resize pics but got flamed for it.

I use ImageResizer, but you can also use something like PhotoBucket or TinyPic to upload to, then insert the URL here using the "pic" button in the toolbar above

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Guest utahsnowrider


Thanks for the help. I tried compression. It did not do the trick, but editing pictures on MS Publisher then save the pictures to another file did the trick.

Here are more pixs.



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Guest utahsnowrider

According to the Volkl website via the gear review on this site, bomberonline.com. The sidecut radius could be 11.70 for the RT 173 GS.

Not sure how much changes they they have made to the specs of the board.

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