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Day #15 at Killington today

kathy brower

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Yes - I've been out despite a tough start to the season for various reasons (not just the WEATHER!!!)

Season so far has run the gamit of an entire year - freshies at Loveland mid Oct, Spring slush at Killington last week (and ya'all know how much I like the slush) and bitter mid winter cold at Killington today - conditions decent but TOOO crowded (quite a comback from total closure last Fri and Sat)- 0 degrees and howling wind - brrrrrrrr

15 days not including a brief (not the driving part) trip to Jay Tuesday

Orrr - you bomber types might not count a single day as they have ALL been on my softies - NEW carving board coming out next week ?Monday - depending on the weather - wore my DEELUXES with their new liners around the house tonight arghh - may have to use the old liners first day out


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Killington is looking like the call for saturday.

Open Trails:


Open Lifts:


Miles of Skiing:


Surface Conditions: Packed Powder/Machine Groomed

New Snow 24 hours:


New Snow 48 hours:


New Snow 7 days:


Season total :


Average Base Depth:


Weekend Projection: The MOST open terrain in the East!

Weather: SATURDAY: Partly cloudy and breezy, with a high near 24.

SUNDAY: Increasing clouds, with a high near 37.

Superstar Express Quad and Canyon Quad will provide access to advanced trails such as Skye Lark, Cascade Headwall and Lower East Fall! Our snowmaking crew is working overtime and may add two more trails on Saturday!

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Killington was cold, windy and crowded yesterday.

North Ridge Triple Chair had short lines but the Gondi was packed. Pretty much human pinball all over. Snow was ok but lots of sheets of ice between lumps of snow. I just wanted to open it up on the new Coiler.

You really had to be aware cuz there were clueless sliders EVERYWHERE. :freak3::eek::mad: not so special K ;)

stopped in the Longtrail Brewery on the way back in Bridgewater for a rack of Double Bag. If you get a chance, check it out, not crowded, at all :biggthump

beer is frrrrrrresh :D


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Hi I am going to ride K this weekend (december 16 - 17) despite crowds, weather and superstar being not open :mad: .

Is anybody going to be there? I would like company for few rides and a beer maybe. Usually K is quite empty on sun afternoon, bit bumpy but carvable.

Also forcast calles for rain-good thing-less idiots skidding down the montains

Let me know.



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Working w/e and riding week days sounds like a perfect deal.

K mart kind of suck last weekend i was not propered for spring condition.

Very few trail open + a lot of penguins+45 degree weather = moguls everywhere.

I did have few good runs in the morning but afternoon was crap.

I did went to long trail brewery this place is cool it turns out it is located 2 miles from my ski house, it was the best thing that happend last weekend.


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