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TD2 Dampener Colouring?


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Alright, I just got my brand-new TD2s in the mail yesterday, and spent most of last night ignoring my final exams next week and trying new stance/cant/lift angles on my new Prior in my bedroom. :cool:

BUT (and there's always a but!) there's one problem that I have: the yellow (soft) urethane dampener ring underneath the binding. See, my board is red. The ring is yellow. You can see where I'm going with this – it really messes up my sense of perfect asthetics.

So, out of mild curiosity/feedback to Bomber...has anyone ever thought about changing the colour of the ring, or even done it? I can't see how it'd be possible (urethane in sub-zero temps?!), but you never know. As well: has Bomber ever thought about changing to some, you know, maybe more neutral colours? :D


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Ive often wondered why they didnt do black, dark blue and like dark green or something. Yellow, Red, Purple?

could very well be that this is the tint that the materials used comes in already...no idea.

very, very minor detail, although I would have stuck with translucent for the yellow but again...Im sure there's a reason behind it and not just whimsical randomness.

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OK I was lurking and saw an answer to your problem. Skateboarders are often vain...wanting wheels to match boards etc. A favorite fix is to use RIT dye, boil it let it cool a bit from boiling before putting soft thane in. use a couple of packs for stronger results.

Taken from silverfish longboarding:

"I recommend using a plastic container that you won't mind permanently dyeing, and a watertight lid is another good thing to consider. Spread something out to act as a dropcloth, as any resident female will probably not appreciate having her kitchen counters dyed, and you will spill a drop or two at the very least. It'll come out if you get to it in time, but I've got two orange rings and two black rings on my counter from where I left a set overnight when I thought they were dry. They aren't dry immediately, even if it seems like they are. They're not. Leave them to fully dry on something thick and disposable overnight."

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