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EC = Extreme Chainsaw

Jack M

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funny, but that just aint right :biggthump

What exactly is "ain't right" about a little "more power" Uuh Uuh Uuh (my best Tim the Toolman Taylor). I can remember watching "hot saw" competitions late at night on cable...sorta like "redneck geek"

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I first saw the chainsaw vid a couple of years ago. Still Awesome! I work with a bunch of mechanical engineers and we got a kick out of the combining of things into the "Frankenchainsaw"

The extreme wheelchairs is new to me... I think it is great that these people can be more than sidelined the rest of their lives. My hat is off to the people doing the new smart orthotics, wheelchairs, and so many other 'quality of life' extenders. I may have to change careers. :)

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