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First day on BIG MTN

Dr D

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Hit the hill today for the first time. Backside is open with good hero snow. Front side is sketchy still. The whole valley is socked in solid with fog and its good to be on top in the sunshine!!:biggthump

Met Wescarven on top good to put a face with the handle. hope to see you up there more this year.

SHRED we are gettin it warmed up for you baby:D

PS I have warned all the waitresses and new lodge girls to be careful :lol:

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Now that I'm out this way (we moved to Belgrade, MT this summer), I'll have to try and figure out a day or two to head up that way. Would be fun for some of you guys to head down this way, too (Big Sky and Moonlight). Last I checked, only 10% of Big Sky slopes are open, but they are planning on starting more lifts this week. I've been tempted, but wanted to wait for the base to get a bit thicker.

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It wasn't a day for the new board and or a fresh tune that's for sure. Lots of little tree tops poking thru yet and some truly nasty rocks here and there. I went up early mostly to shock my legs into action a little. last year I spent the best snow time getting in shape. I can say they were not only shocked but truly horrified:D

Any way snows great just not enough of it yet. let me know if you are going to be in the area. I hope to venture out into the rest of the state at some point but the office is just hitting the break even point so maybe not this year. We'll se how it goes. new business are worse than kids for time and money, they take a lot of time and extra care!

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