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Who lives in Barrie area and can give us a snow report?


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Just got back from a half day of riding. That's all my legs could take. A great day with at least 6 other hardbooters. Bruce, csquared, yyzcanuck, others. Rumour has it that Houghton was there but he's like a phantom, only heard from, never seen.

Snow was awesome, not a rock or bare patch in sight. Got a little choppy later due to the traffic being confined to only a couple of runs. Or, it could've just been my legs giving out.

Get out this weekend!

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Thanks for the update Henry. Sounded like a fun day to be out. I'll be up there tomorrow. My experience with MSLM is that the conditions are always pretty good right from the get-go as long as temps stay low. Hopefully it's not too busy tomorrow.


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