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Is there a lot of overhang on TD2 toe bail?

Diggin in MN

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Just what the post says. I'm pretty sure I'm pickin up the new Blade 180, and am set on the TD2. I read a thread on the extremecarving forum about the bail on the standards hangin way over on the toe. Is this true? Would the step ins be a better match? EC turns are all I plan on with this board.

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The EC boys don't recommend Intec for EC'ing. Plenty of people do it though. Plenty of people also do it on 180mm waisted boards running 60+ deg angles. One of the best carvers I've ridden with used a 185mm waist Madd 180 running 70deg angles and he could lay it down with the best of them. I believe it was ~70deg angles as he had his TD1 standards at the highest angle possible. Not trying to talk you out of the Blade as that board looks sick, but be careful to get too caught up in the "you need to do this and that" to properly EC.

I would imagine the Blade has a wide enough waist to run 45-50 deg angles regardless of your foot size without any overhang on at TD2 Standard. Unless you're kicking MP30 or more? The toe clip on a TD2 standard has been proven to stick out more than other bindings (F2 for example). I believe Patrice modified his so they didn't stick out as much. There was a detailed post about it here or on EC forums and it looked like he just shaved it down or something and added some duct tape? It sure looked like crapola to me but his riding speaks for itself IMHO, not his equipment.

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I've been riding a prime 173 with a 180 waist for 8 years now. 69 degrees front and rear. I'm well aware that this board isn't the end all be all for ECing. It's the thought of having more relaxed angles and a smoother ride that sold me. Anyhoo...what's the general concensus on the TD2 standard regarding the overhang issue? I'm using Head SPs, size 28. Hoping to ride 45 to 50 degrees roughly. I dont want to have to angle in too much just to compensate for the overhang on the toe bail. I really want the TD2's, but if the bail hang is a problem, are there any other bomb proof bindings that will suit my needs?

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