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Different cant/lift/forward lean for different boards?


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Simple little question, but i was wondering if anybody else uses completely different settings for your different boards? On my little alpine, I use inward cants and Front toe/ Back heel lift on the bindings, with my front boot in the third angle setting and my back boot in the fourth.

On my Longboard, I widen my stance, cant outward instead of in, and use the second angle setting for both boots. I find this position more relaxing for cruising, but uncomfterble when alpine carving. does anybody else switch up their settings like i do?

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I have different settings on each of my boards, it only makes sense. A longer board for me at least requires me to ride that much more aggressively whereas a shorter board is a chiller ride, and thus requires me to work less and enjoy the ride more. Just me though, this is kinda wierd.

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It depends on the bindings for me. On my freecarve deck, I have Cateks, so it's toe lift in front, heel lift in back, no cant. On my all mountain board, I have Burton Performance plates with riveted toe and heel block, so I ride flat as I don't feel comfortable with the Burton 7 degree cants. I still can't bring myself to sell them though.

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It seems to me that as stance angles and widths change the angles from which your legs 'feed' into your boots change. It has always worked best for me to cant/lift so shaft of the boot cuff cradled my lower leg, w/o pushing against it in any direction.

<img src="http://i17.tinypic.com/2wf4m1i.jpg" border="0" alt="Vic Wild, A-Basin, Co.">

When I set up a new board I try adjust the cant/lift on the binders so my boot cuffs are thus positioned, and will take a hex wrench on the hill to fine-tune as I ride. To me, this feels the most balanced, and allows the greatest range of motion to control the board.

Hope it's snowy where you are!


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