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When I was 14 or something, I had an older friend who raced at a competing mountain. Only difference was I was a skier and he was an alpine dude. Anyway, he had a Mistral Sonic and until this day I think about how awesome that board was. I knew nothing about it but as any kid would do, it looked sweet so I wanted it. I was dissapointed when I found out they had been bought up. I really wanted my childhood dream deck! Now for the question, were they any good or was I just a wide eyed kid?

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Man I still want one, forget what other people say, I'll ride dated gear!;)

Check the German or other european Ebay sites. Its not hard to find the snowboards on the german site, even if you don't understand german (cause the words are very similar to english), that's not as true for say Italian.

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