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What would you like to see in a magazine?

Justin A.

What would you like to see in a mag?  

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  1. 1. What would you like to see in a mag?

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I'm toying with the idea of publishing a semi-limited distribution (as in, it won't cost me a fortune to have printed) magazine about the "other side" of snow riding. I'm talking about the carving, freeriding, out-of-bounds, ect. part of sliding on snow. I'm planning on focusing on alpine snowboarding in the zine. I'm just throwing it out to anybody to tell me what they would like to see in it. Racing Coverage? Product reviews? Mountain Reviews? I'm envisioning something kindof like SKI magazine, but with a smaller, more focused image and intended audience; think along the lines of hardbooter.com but in print form. What do you want in it? Post here and let me know!

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- great rides with some hints: Who, where, equipment and maybe the riding technik, that halped him to achieve what we see.

- You know the reef girls? Some chicks on boards (but nothing about girls wear please!)

- reviews (boards, boots, bindings, clothing, gloves). I like comparisons!


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I would like a freeride focused mag. One that also recognizes snowboarding's history. NO rails!!! I still can't believe someone came along and decided it was cool to do handrails on a snowboard. :mad:

Also, a nice extensive board test would be nice. Like they do in ski mags where they rate a number of skis from the same category.

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not saying it can't happen, it's just that nobody ever follows through. I'll buy you a pint if you do.

I can't guarantee that it will go on indefinitley, or even come out regularly, but this is definitley something that I want to do for fun, at least until I go back to school in march, but that's when the season starts winding down anyway.

I thought up a name for it today: Cord. It's nice and simple and I think it's a good name for a zine anyway.

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I voted mountain/gear reviews (possibly a specific issue dedicated to reviews for convenience) as well as tech articles... I think It's missing something though... some little bit of entertainment to follow with every issue. Something like a cartoon, periodic following of a humerous project/expiriment, "outake" style pictures (kinda like the BOL photo contest) just a little something to spice up the content.

I like the idea though! where do i subscribe:cool:

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I voted "YES" on all topics. I have seen the idea about a carving

magazine brought up in the past, but have yet to see it followed through.

If you can provide a quality mag that will educate, entertain, and spread

interest for our niche sport of boarding, I'm all for it!

"Transworld Snowboarding" seems like just one Rail-slide pic after

another. Please, oh Please, promise me you will not feature handrails.

If buying your mag means that I can:

-Mentally refresh a cross-under turn technique,

-Get a guide to strengthening my knees properly in the off season,

-See that "Frosty's Freeze" at "Mt. Wannahaukalougie" was

rated a whoppin' "4 and a half carves"

-and also know that some 12 year old "park punk" can pick it up and learn

that hard boots aren't just any old ski boots.. - Then

Sign me up. I'd gladly endour pages of adds, whether Toyota, Tonka,

Bayer, or Barbie... Just as long as there's no stinkin' rail slides.

Hey - Here's a great idea for your first issue:

Human interest story - "Ski patroller, 52, swaps in skiis for alpine board."

I'll bet there are loads of people in this situation, but don't have an

excuse like peer-pressure, resources to gear.

Perhaps written proof that others have made this switch will encourage

more board sales, while also letting all of us reminice what our first

carved turns were like. Ahhh..

If publishing to print, and mailing costs becomes prohibitive,

I wouldn't totally discount a subscription-based electronic download,

(perhaps in .pdf) format.

(Though there's still something cool about tearing out a sweet glossy

photo or events schedule to put on your wall.)

I can put you in touch with my buddy who is a photographer

and is also into carving. He'll be moving to Utah in Jan.

That's my ..um.. 2 ¢'s



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I could endure pages and pages of cord porn. Or powder porn. Or porn porn. Did I say that out loud? Anyhoo, I like a "what's new" section too, showing all the new style boards and bindings and stuff. I used to really like Popular Science cause of their whats new section. Also on one of the first pages of each magazine I think you need an editors note or something.

Also, a section where you can send in your own photos and/or stories/tall tales/mishaps.... It's cool seein some joe blow who started a year ago is doin awesome cause it give you the feeling that if he can do it I can do it...

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