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I found a website which I now subscribe to for $10 a month. It is called rhapsody.com. It has just about any song or group you can think of. My wife and I have been listening to it for the last month now. You can play 25 songs for free. The only problem is that they don't have all groups and songs. No Led Zepplin, Metallica, or Beatles to name a few. Check it out.

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www what ? no Zepplin ????

Rhapsody Sucks

Reader post by: bdkennedy1

Posted on: December 5, 2005, 8:42 PM PST

Story: Glaser turns wrath on Apple, Jobs

So I was curious and tried it today. I have to listen to the music

from the web site and pay a subscription fee. Unfortunately,

Microsoft's $400 million will keep them in business longer.


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I got an account with Real Rhapshody. Its not too bad. They used to have bunch of Danzig albums, but as time went on, Glenn apparently took them off and left maybe three albums (mostly unheard of). artists have the right to decide whether to leave their albums to be available via rhapshody and whatnot.

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No zeppelin, metallica or beatles... That service is definately not for me... And no Danzig just seals the deal.. I don't like those anyways, even itunes. (especially because of it's association with the ipod.) I'd prefer to have the cds. I still like the mp3s, but I like to have the cds around..

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Hey JT, I've got a lot of music on my computer thru itunes, burnt CD's etc. - every Led Zep song you could want, including AMAZING live stuff from movie soundtracks, lots of beatles including great beatles covers (ie. the I Am Sam soundtrack) and tons of old school metal, classical, new age, jazz - you name it. My family is a bunch of music freaks, my dad has 52 gigs of music, he's buying multiple ipods to hold it all.

Yes I do have point to this - you are more than welcome to borrow flash drives from me for music. Plug it in to your USB, click and drag the folders - done. I'm sure we'll see each other this winter - music would just be another reason to meet. Make some turns, trade flash drives, sound good?

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I'm a big fan of B&P (blanks and postage) kinda like the old days of trading grateful dead bootlegs.

It's insane how much free music is out there. I've recently got a bunch of Jack Johnson Live and some Ben Harper, G Love, etc. I haven't bought a CD in a music store in a long time. The external hard drive is great, too. Plug it in and just load it up with more music, movies.

The internet is a wonderful thing. This morning I got an email from a carving brother in Sweden with a couple of demo mp3s of thier band.

It's AC/DC meets the Ramones and it's great stuff. Put in on my mp3 player for the next carving session.

One good thing about music, when it hits you, you feel no pain

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