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FS- softie stuff


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For Sale:

Solomon Malamutes.. don't know exact year but pretty new.. last year or year before, used 1/2 season (maybe 15 days), no vis. wear, liners in excellent shape. Size 28.5.

Flow Pro-C XFR Bindings..I think same year as boots. Good shape, I peeled off the padding on the highback to improve boot fit, but still have them in 1 piece, can be glued back on. One of the finger-adjuster-wheel-thingies on the highback fell off, but binding is still completely adjustable via phillips screw. Except for what I mentioned, the bindings are in excellent shape. Come with universal mounting plates and complete hardware (8 screws/8 washers) Used the same amount as the boots.

Palmer Risers- The big red ones. Complete hardware, ready to rock. No problems. Used the same as the boots and bindings, wicked fun... huge improvement in carve-ability on softies. SOLD!

Older Burton Custom Bindings (like '00/'01 maybe?). A little funky, I used them when learning on my 163 Canyon freshman year in high school (P.O.S. broke behind the binding). Hated them, but they are still completely useable, if that's what your'e after. Good for someone getting started in the sport. Come with 3 and 4 hole mounting plates, 7 screws, 8 washers... missing 1 screw, unless, of course, you mount them on a burton board, and then you have an extra screw!

Maybe might possibly have an Arbor S-Series 166 for sale... haven't decided yet. If you really really want it make an offer.. base has some scratches, nothing too deep, could use a base-grind to freshen up. Finish is worn off from bindings, I have a can of finish and brushes that will go with the board :).. or for some extra $$ I could do it for you.

Shoot me a PM and I'll send you pics and we can work out a price...

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