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OT or Not? Ski racing story

Justin A.

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Oh Bode Miller, how funny you are. My bet on this one is that he saw the gate judge slip and fall, thought "hmmm, now here I can either fall while trying to avoid him; or I can keep going, and if I hit him and fall, I'll have taught him a lesson on watching his footing" hmm... decisions decisions.

I know that wouldn't be how it happened, but it wouldnt surprise me much if it was. Congrats to Senor Miller on the win. Major props on avoiding what could have turned out to be a nasty nasty crash. Lets see him do it some more!!

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I have to say I think Bode is a badass. I like how he has that no BS way of doing things. Granted, I wouldnt have partied the night before the biggest race of my life, but....

check this out http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f1V4CQxFTgo

I saw that as it happened live on CBS. ****ing amazing on his part. Go local boy!

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