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New Donek Blade...

Diggin in MN

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kind of looks like a Swoard as far as shape is concerned. granted, i've only seen online pictures. the board is pretty wide too. the 180 has a waist of 23.5cm. that's as wide as my atv.

doubt anyone has tried it yet seeing as how it's brand new (with the exception of some lucky testers maybe).

hey, does anyone remember a thread on this where someone was designing a board and having Donek build it. i remember it specifically having "G-Force" on the bottom of the prototype pictures.

i might just be out of my mind, but if i find the thread i'll bump it up.

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Anyone tried this yet. I dont know how to post the link, but it's Doneks new extreme carve board. I think I'm gonna get it!
It's been around for a year at least, it directly based on the specifications of the Swoard (they took the specs of the Swoard and went to Donek to make an EC carver for them). The G-Force sell it in Europe and Donek sells it in the US/Canada.
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Well guys, I will give you the whole story.

I am a product designer based in Athens-Greece and have been snowboarding for many years. In addition I have been working as a technician for the US snowboard team (alpine) when they were coming to Europe to participate in major events like world cups and the olympics in Torino. Technician means that I was involved in the preparation of the boards in terms of wax and overlays plus performing glide test on the day prior to the race.

Since I got to know a lot of people in the business like athletes, coaches and equipment manufacturers I decided with the information that I have acquired and the help of other people to start something that would give me the oportunity to develop a brand name, improve or try to improve equipment, promote the Greek carving scene and have plenty of fun doing it. As mentioned in the site we are not trying to compete with anyone but promote the sport we love.

Since the brand name is new and its very difficult to gain trust it was important for me to get a manufacturer who could guaranty the quality of the boards. And thats how we got in business with Donek. It was very important that Sean Martin beleived in the idea and helped us out.

The blade was inspired by the swoard in terms of width. The objective however was not to copy but to create a wider alpine board with the characteristics of a race board.

In general we have a lot of work ahead of us and we want to achieve a status of an R&D strictly for carving.

So far things are looking very promising. Sales in Europe are going very well and we are planning to be in the 2007 SES with Donek where people will have a chance to test ride and give feedback.

The most important thing however in this effort is the support that we are getting from carvers around the world and particularly from riders in this forum. At the end of the day that what makes it worthwhile!!!

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Anyone know of any reviews for this board e.g. Hardbooter.com style?

I'll be totally honest with you -- I'd really like to get a Swoard. I'm just not willing to layout over $1k USD on a board. But being sold on the wide, larger SCR alpine board concept, the Blade looks like a solid match - especially if the Blade turns out a performance like gdboytyler's EC-esque custom Donek.

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