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WTB: The whole nine yards.


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So I've been hardbooting 6 or so times on rental gear and am now hooked. I used to ski in Ontario, but have now moved out to Vancouver for school. With such great places nearby, I figure its time to invest in a decent setup that will last me a few years, however I am a Unieversity student, so price could become an issue, as well I'm no pro so something that will take me from where I am up to a good level would be spectacular:

I love the groomers as much as the next guy, but I want a setup that will let me do other stuff as well.

My feet are MP 28.7 :

Im looking for a freeride type boot that will do almost everything I want it to. So softer flex, somehting along the line of Deeluxe Lemans.

I'm 6'2" 165lbs

So something in the high 160's ish. All mountain - esque I've been looking at the prior 4x4 or ATV as a good starting point, though a little out of my price range.

Bindings to go along with that style. I was looking at the Snowpro Force as a good place to compare.

Any suggestions as to if I'm looking in the right direction would be sweet, even better if you have something your looking to part with.

Thanks alot,

Gord Harrison

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but when I first asked for suggestions on sizing/boots, here is what i was told, hopefully this is in some way helpful...:

multiple people told me not to use the lemans, as I would find them too soft, too fast, recommended the suzukas instead

also, they suggested that I stay in the 160 range, and I'm only 160-165 lbs, and 5'8"... so maybe 170's would be better since you're 6'2"?

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Cypress is the mountain to go!

You are more than likely to find someone on hardboots on Thursday evenings, then myself on Sat/Sun, sometimes Friday, then Dave* is there almost every day...

Maybe we can even gear you up...

Drop an email to Dave* about boots, he might have some spare ones to sell, maybe even some shorter Alps, like 163?

I can always bring a spare board/bindings for you to use.



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Hi Gord

i might have something floating around in my parts boot collection that would be in your size, ( just shipped some 29 mondo 223s to petcarv) will have to dig thru some boxes to see what I've got, am assuming you want 29 ish.

I do have a few old alps floating about in varying sizes and condition that I would consider letting go.

I might have some older burton carrier plates but if you can score some elsewhere do it, I kind of like to keep my burton plates for parts.

Also pull up craigslist for vancouver and punch in carving/carve/plate/hardboot etc under sporting goods, there was some stuff on there for cheap a few weeks back.


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So I managed to score some bindings and a board. Thanks to Dave* for the suggestion to look at the craigslist. I am still however looking for boots. At this point, just about anything will do, but something I can learn on would be great. Again, 28.5 +/- .5 would be spectacular.



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