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confirmed internet idiot


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OK... I'll finally admit it...

Hello, my name is Brad, and I'm an internet idiot.

( group response ' hi, Brad ' )

Well, maybe not that bad, but there are some things I'd like to learn about. I notice that a considerable number of people here link good quality personal photos, etc that are stored at places other than the BOL server, providing high resolution & high color, etc. and not overburden BOL. I'd like to get hooked up to some free capacity like that, but I don't have a teenager around :D . I suspect I really don't need very much, but from time to time I'd like to be able to show good hi-res image. I'm tired of closely cropping stuff, then moving from high pixel count to low count, and finally saving as low color.

Remember, the storage must be free... I'm a real cheapskate, still have dialup service and don't wish to upgrade.

Please speak slowly and use small words...


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Get a Gmail account (run by Google).

Download Picasa.

Upload your photos to Picasa Web Albums.

100% free, dead simple but with dial up, it will still take a long time to upload a large file. If high speed is available to you, why wouldn't you get it? What is it, maybe $15 more a month than dial-up? What's your time worth?

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Hi Brad,

could offer you an own folder on my webspace that you can access and update anytime with a so called FTP progam so if you feel like getting one of those ftp progams that are available for free on the net and also feel like taking the challenge of configuring it with the right settings for your folder (as hard as setting up an email client like outlook for your email account) let me know

( info@stoked.at )

PS this would work fine for including pictures or links to pictures in posts on forums etc otherwise if you want a photo album where people can browse all your pictures go with skategoats advice

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Would any of these suggestions mean I'd have to get rid of my 386 with 800 x 600 256 color monitor? :rolleyes:

OK... I'm not that stone-age. I probably should look at my ISP (earthlink). I may already have an allocation there that I'm unaware of. Anyone here use earthlink also??

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I would love an invitation also, thanks
just email me so I can respond with an invite link.

It'll cost you a beer here


next time it's Après Carving brew session in North Conway.

maybe on free day at attitash 12/15~ that tip will cost ya ANOTHER beer at Moat Mt.




Time for the annual Attitash Free Day. No strings attached just head to the ticket window and pick up you free lift ticket for a full day on the slopes.

and , it's on Hanukah

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